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“Smile! Your on Candid Camera!”

Emily stretched tall onto the ten tips of her tiny two-year old toes. Her chubby little hands pressed against the bar of the water fountain. She eyed the water eagerly as it bubbled up into a perfect arc. Slowly she leaned forward opening her lips in anticipation of the cool liquid. She stretched further and further, craning her neck. Just as her tongue began to lick at the stream of water her hands slipped, leaving her lapping at the air.

Her forehead wrinkled in confusion and she tried again, this time going a little more slowly and watching in exasperation as the stream of water dwindle gradually as she got closer. She walked away for a moment eyeing the fountain for the traitor it was.

Two minutes later she was back again her feet planted firmly shoulder width apart as she shoved her hands forcefully onto the bar. The water exploded into and arc of icy cold freshness and she lunged her face for it, hoping to take it by surprise, but to no avail, the traitor had hidden it’s ugly head, evading her once again.

She crouched down, her clear blue eyes peering just over the edge of the basin. Once again she pushed at the bar and watched it. She didn’t move, she just watched it. Then like a tiger lying in the grass stalking its prey she began to slowly creep her way forward. Her pink tongue came out as far as it could just a fraction of an inch away from the water where it teased tantalizingly. She surged in for the kill and found that her prey had escaped her once more.

She stuck her feet out behind her forcing her full weight into the bar, maybe extra pressure would make the water stream last longer. In one swift motion she lunged forward jumping at the water her mouth gaping, but again was left gulping nothing but air.

Again and again she tried. Press the bar, water, lean forward, no water, press the bar water, lean forward, no water. She was beginning to tire from her battle with the fountain, but sheer determination wouldn’t let her give up, she was going to get a drink one way or another. She looked around, spotted a little boy and asked him to hold the button. The gallant gentlemen leaned onto the button with all his might as Emily hoisted herself up and sucked in mouthfuls of refreshment.

Paul and I were giggling far too much to be of any assistance, and we were curious to see what tactic she would use next the get that water. The only regret we had was that we didn’t have our video camera. I felt like I was watching a live episode of “Candid Camera”, except that nothing was rigged! 🙂


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