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Ward Christmas Party and Nativity

Last Saturday was a huge undertaking of a day.  It was my husband’s last day out of town, he had been gone since Wednesday A.M. and the kids were missing him dreadfully. And, probably, dreadfully sick of me.  I dreaded the day like a plague wondering how the kids would behave and hold up.  For that matter, I wondered how I would behave and hold up.  😉 

The day started early with us driving and hour to my niece’s baptism which was wonderful.  I almost wondered who the four little angels with me were they children were so good.  It was a wonderful baptism and after we got to go to my brother’s house and enjoy a delicious lunch with him, his wife, and their two children.  We had a birthday party for my niece and the kids played and had so much fun together.  Things were going well.

It came time to head home, I had organized the trip so that I would arrive home an hour before I needed to be at the church for our Ward Christmas party, figuring I would need some down time.

The kids were starting to fall apart and I was half tempted to back out of the Christmas party, except for one major problem. I was committed and, I knew I would let a bunch of people down if I and the children didn’t attend.  Dorothy was to be Mary in the Nativity, and Elizabeth and Emily were angels.  I had been asked to be the pianist, as well as perform a special duet as a musical number.  There was no way I could avoid it. 

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. There were plenty of people to help with the children and the dinner was served to our tables, so I didn’t have to wait in a long line with four wiggly starving kids trying to balance four plates and forgetting to eat myself.

The Nativity was so sweet and Dorothy made such a sweet little Mary, and the other two very sweet angels.

Nativity 6

Nativity 5

Nativity 4

Nativity 3

Nativity 2

Nativity 1

The duet was awesome.  My friend and I had been wanting to perform this particular duet for over a year now.  It is called C.S. Theme and Variations – its a combination of Chopsticks and Franz Lizt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2.  We created an entire comedic routine using Victor Borge (piano comedian) as our inspiration.  We began with our music upside down trying to play over each other, finally stopping to realize what was ‘wrong’ and flipping the music over. Then things got fun.  We swapped hands and parts, got slapped and water dumped on me. The whole piece was a battle between, as we called ourselves, The Dueling Divas.  It finally ended in a mad dash to the frenzied end where I yanked out the bench from beneath my duet partner and sent her crashing to the ground as I stepped over her to claim my victory.  We were so worried that no one would laugh or find it as funny as we did, and much to our delight the audience was roaring.  We had SO much fun.  The only bummer was that in all the craziness to get ready to go I forgot my video camera and Paul didn’t get to see it.  So, I am sure we will do an encore performance sometime and record it.  Maybe  then I will figure out how to upload the video and post it here. 🙂

So the night turned out to be a success, and though I was exhausted by the end of the day, we had had a grand time. 


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