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Weird and Wacky

No – not me, the weather!

I stared at my husband like he was crazy when he woke me on March 29 to tell that it was snowing.  And sure enough, big fluffy flakes were dropping fromt the sky.  The latest snow on record since 1951 when it snowed on March 10th.  Though news companies dug further and found records that indicated snow back in 1933 that fell on  April 13.  No worries though, we beat that record too.

On April 20th we watched in amazement as snowflakes fluttered to the ground, as it warmed it turned into the crazy slush falling fromt the sky. Nothing like smashing weather records.

This spring has been an odd one.  On Saturday it was warm – 70’s weather, yesterday it was dropping huge hunks of hail and had us turning on the heat as we noticed that we were shivering as we walked about the house.  Today the sun is shining brightly again.


No wonder the kids have been catching stuff.


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