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One of my favorite memories from my childhood is of sledding down the hill in our own backyard. We even built ramps to fly off of and would layer sleeping bags in the bottom of our sleds for cushion when we landed. Sledding and playing long into the day, building snow forts and having snowball fights. And of course our memorable 8-10 foot snowman – dad had to climb on a ladder in order to finish him off. He leaned like the Tower of Pisa until he was almost at a 90 degree angle to the ground before he finally fell over. The lone while pillar of snow after all the rest had melted away.

Living in Oregon I have been a little wistful the past few years, wishing the same for my children. We have had our snowing spurts, but the only hill available for easy access was our driveway which offered very little.

Well, now, we have the COOLEST backyard and nothing gives me more joy than watching my kids go speeding down the hill on sleds, squealing and laughing all the way. They say it’s not typically this snowy in Cincinnati in December, but I am SO glad for it. Now, If I can get just baby fed and asleep, maybe I can do a little sledding to! 😀

Our first snow, we just had the tobogan…

Sledding 1

Sledding 1a

Then I got smart and picked up a couple extra sleds at the local Target, figuring they’d come in handy hopefully sooner rather than later.  And they did! Today has been an absolute blast!

Sledding 2

Sledding 2a

Let it snow!!!


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Our Winter Wonderland

The snow keeps a commin’. It snowed all day yesterday, and then late in the evening, around midnight it changed to freezing rain. This morning we were greeted by a beautiful white crunchy world – a half inch of ice (in some place more, some places less, coated the snow, and everything else.

December 21 Snow

Church was canceled, there was shoveling to be done, and of course some playing. Paul had to show how tough he was by shoveling snow in his sandals, heh. Of course, I wasn’t much better since I ran out in sandals to take pictures and did a bit of shoveling myself.

Shoveling Idiots

There are some definite benefits to having a semi-steep driveway. We created a tobogan run and one adult would stand in the road keeping an eye out for cars, which were few and far between as the roads were sheets of ice covering hardpacked snow. They would give the all clear yell and the other adult would send the kids flying down the driveway and across the road. Paul also towed them around and James especially loved this new experience.

Sledding December 21

And of course, us adults had to have a bit of fun too.

Adults Sledding December 21

And, well, now it is snowing more!


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And it Keeps a’comin’ down

The snow from Sunday still lays upon the ground, the roads are snow pack and icy, and today it snowed, and snowed, and snowed, and snowed…  It was wonderful!  I bundled the kids up for a walk in our winter wonderland and we walked to a nearby friend’s house.  From there my friend and I ditched the kids with her teenage son (who was willing to watch them) to go on a long winter walk to the grocery store (roughly 3-4 miles round trip).  It was so much fun with snow falling and swirling all around us.  Its supposed to keep coming down. If we are lucky, we might even end up with a white Christmas. 🙂

The kids love the snow, but are missing school. Each day I tell them no school tomorrow, I am greeted with wails and sad faces.  I think the sadness is due mainly to missing all the Christmas parties that happen this week. 🙂  So, it looks like we get a three week Christmas vacation rather than a two week.

The snow falling today is wetter snow, great for snowballs and of course snowmen, so the kids were out builing away this afternoon.

I love the excitement in the air as Christmas approaches and kids make snow angels. On our walk, Jacob would stop every few minutes to throw himself on the sidewalk and create a snow angel.  The girls rolled snowballs down the sidewalk, the baby went “aaaaaaaahhhhhh” as the stroller bumped over the snow, and I smiled at my five happy children, capturing this magical moment forever in my heart.

It might be a pain to drive in, but snow is Magic!

Elizabeth Snow December 17

Dorothy Snow December 17

Emily Snow December 17

Jacob Snow December 17


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Let it Snow!

We’ve got powder! Honest to goodness powder – the so powdery can’t make snowmen powder! It snowed all day yesterday and into the evening. Roads are horrible, so we have Daddy home today. There is something magical about singing Christmas carols around the piano when there is snow crisp and clean outside, the chirstmas tree is lit, and water is heating on the stove for hot chocolate. Mmmmmm.

Of course the kids had to romp and play this morning, and while the snow isn’t deep, it is enough to excite us oregonians.

December 15 Snow Collage 1

December 15 Snow Collage 2

December 15 Snow Collage 3

December 15 Snow Collage 4
And here I sit in my chilly office (I keep my door closed so the heat from the stove stays in the main room where it is needed most) with my red sweater wrapped around me, sipping on my hot chocolate and enjoying a beatiful winter view of our backyard from my window.   (insert sigh of contentment here) 🙂


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Winter Wonderland

I woke up this morning, stretched and groaned as I eyed the clock, realizing that I had slept a full half hour longer than intended and we’d have to rush to get the kids off to school. I quickly roused them from the depths of their slumber and beckoned them to get dressed. I brushing my teeth when one of them came charging back, full throttle into the bathroom, colliding with my legs and nearly jamming the electric toothbrush half way down my throat.

“It snowed!”

“Huh?” I mumbled around my foaming mouth, slightly bewildered, because though it has definitely been cold enough, I didn’t think it was in the forecast to snow.

“It snowed!” she squealed again and tore back off down the hall. Expecting the usual light dusting that we get overnight from time to time I walked out to the family room and looked out the glass door. To my amazement and joy, this is what I saw (and it was still snowing!):


After a long search we managed to find enough snow stuff that with a ton of layers they were ready to go.


Then Jacob emerged on the scene, not quite sure what to think of this white fluffy stuff, and the fact that he was bundled and stuffed with clothes so tight he could barely move.



“What is this stuff?”


He looks so small in all that snow. 🙂


Then Paul dug the tobagan out of the shed and we pulled the kids around the yard.





I finally took the camera in, because I didn’t want it to get too wet. We decided to go on a snow walk, and with kids on tobagan in tow, we headed down the deserted street, whooping all the way. We wound up at our friends’ house, just a blog behind us. They had their four wheeler out and we hooked the tobagan on it and prodeeded to give everybody rides. All the kids loved it. It has been a grand adventure (made even more fun by the fact that Daddy couldn’t go in to work today). The kids are now begging my attention as they get ready to head back outside to build a snowman…


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It snowed yesterday! We came home from church and were eating lunch and I looked out the window and saw beautiful white flakes floating to the ground. Upon hearing my exclamation of surprise the girls started off in squeals of joy, Jacob joined in without knowing why. The kids threw on their coats and stampeded out onto the deck. It wasn’t coming down very hard and barely dusted the deck but the kids were dancing a jig and making snow angels on the deck in the little snow there was. It was fun to watch and made me smile. The snow was replaced by freezing rain though and by nightfall everything was a sheet of ice. Thankfully it warmed in the morning and we woke to the sound of rain beating softly upon our roof and safe roads for hubby to drive on to work this morning. No more snow though, and that makes me sad. Hopefully it will really snow this year. In Oregon you never know.

There is something so joyous about watching your children play in the snow and building a snowman together. Maybe its their giggles and laughter. Maybe it is the rosy cheeks and nose shining through the cold and the big grin that lights even the darkest corner of the soul. Maybe it coming inside and driving out the cold with hot chocolate. Maybe it is the remembrance of past years and your own childhood joys being mirrored in the children’s faces. Or maybe, just maybe it is love. Love for the snow, love for each other, love of joy. Yes, I think that is it. It is love.


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