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X is for xylophagous, xylography, and Xanadu

Encyclopedia of Me Meme

Do you know how hard it is to come up with an x word that isn’t X-ray, xylophone, x-box (not that we have one),  etc?

So I did a bit of digging in the dictionary. Since I love words I thought I would find three words that I thought were cool

First off I just want to say that I am glad that we haven’t seen any more problems with xylophagous creatures in quite some time.  We were worried when we saw a bunch of them back in the spring that we could be headed for major problems. However, it appears we have them taken care of.  Yay!

I have seen the technique of xylography before and I think it is really cool. We learned about it in my elementary art class, but I had no idea this was the correct term for it.

Finally Xanadu.  Xanadu was described as being “a place of great beauty, luxury, and contentment” coming from a poem by Samuel Coleridge.  And that got me thinking what is my place of great beuty, luxery, and contentment.

My place of great beauty is a tough one as there are so many gorgeous places and things to see, it depends on my mood. It would definitely be one of nature.  Some days it is the ocean. I could sit for hours watching the beauty of the waves as they roll in with the mist streaming from their backs, or the spray as the crash gloriously upon the rocks.  Sometimes it would be a valley full of wild flowers filling a painter’s pallet with all the colors of nature.  It would be a view from a craggy peak, seeing mountain upon mountain reaching  majestically to the heavens, or hills a-blaze with the firey clolors of fall. Or it could simply be an old barn on a misty fall day.

 My place of great luxery would be a jaccuzi tub full of bubbles, flickering candlelight, and soft music playing.  A moment of quiet and peace without squabbling children where I can just think and be.

My place of contenment are those moments when I am surrounded by my children and family and for that split second all is happy and all is well. There are no worries, no fights, just all of us together surrounded by love and happiness.


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