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Project Christmas Part 2!

So, the craftiness continues!

I have been having a blast coming up with cool creative things to make the kids for Christmas. The trick is, I am trying to use what I have on hand and not spend money – unless I desperately need some little thing to finish. These I was able to do all with what I had at home – except for the books – I got little 4×6 photo albums for those – cheap ones.

Anyway, so Part 2 consists of:

Harry Potter Wands, Boxes, & Spell books!

The kids still love HP – Em just finished the seventh book recently and Jacob just started the 1st this week. So, Em was HP for Halloween and the kids (even little Robert) dart around casting whichever spell they can remember. Mainly they just drop to the floor. I thought it would be fun to make them honest to goodness wands & boxes and then a book with all the different spells and what they can do so they can play even more & creatively too!

I even made a set for Paul and I so we can join in too!

This is the full set – the boxes are made from gift boxes – the fabric is some left over fabric from some stockings I made ages back for an awesome family. I found the labels & box numbers online, and the wands are made from Paper & hot glue. I found an awesome list of spells on Harry Potter Wiki that not only listed spells and what they did, but pronunciation & etymology – though there wasn’t room in my book for the etymology, I will print off a master copy which include it – it’s really cool and teaches lots of latin! ┬áIn the book I also included the Hogwarts school song, proper care of a wand, Rules for Duelling, & potions (fun recipes for slime, butter beer, play doh, etc).


All 7 wands

DSCN1263 DSCN1264

I am really stoked about this! I think the kids are going to have a ton of fun! And I think Paul & I will too!! I can’t wait!!!

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