Let it Go! Let it Go!! 3/23/20

Hey all!!! So this week hass been really interesting. We were not able to teach a lot of people because they changed the time that we can leave our house. We could only be out of the house from 2pm-7pm and as of today we are now in quarantine. They let us know today that all missionaries that are not from mexico will be returning to their houses….. I am really sad and really bumbed but I know that the Lord has a plan. Thankfully, I will only be returning home for 2 weeks, and for these 2 weeks I will be in quarantine. After these two weeks I will be reassigned to a mission in the U.S. so that I can finish out the other 8 months of my mission.


On the postivie side, I will be able to say that I served half of my mission in Mexico and the other half in who knows where😂😂😂 My Heavenly Father has helped me to find a lot of peace and realize that I am so blessed, because there are so many missionaries that will be returning to their homes and they will not be able to finish their missions, but I will be able to. Like my dad always says “There is always something positive to find in every situation!!”
So funny story this week! My parents were eating Heath bars in front of me and so I decided to join them and eat my runts that I had just bought that day….. and the bag opened and almost all of them feel on the ground and some of them fell on the keyboard😂😂😂 So I had fun cleaning up that mess….
Love you guys lots and I hope that you are all doing well!!
Hermana Wagner

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