Our Angel, Elizabeth


Our oldest daughter, Elizabeth, was called home to her Heavenly Father on April 7, 2012, two weeks before her 13th birthday.

All of my posts about Elizabeth’s death and us dealing with her loss are under the category:

Child loss

Life is a journey and sometimes it feels nigh impossible. We have learned to lean on and trust in our Heavenly Father. I wanted to create this page for those who are seeking comfort. We are by no means perfect, and everyone experiences grief in different ways, but if our experiences can help or comfort others, I want to share them. Our faith in Christ and our testimonies in His restored gospel have grown. I know he loves and understands us and I have felt his guiding love time and time again.

We believe that Heavenly Father has a plan for us that enables our family to be together forever. The knowledge that our family is sealed for all time and eternity is what gets me through each day. I know that we’ll see Elizabeth again and that our family will be together forever. I know that I’ll see my father and all of the relatives I love so much and that we’ll be an eternal family with our Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for this knowledge. I bear my testimony that it is true.

If you want to read more about Lizy through the years, you can do so here:


4 responses to “Our Angel, Elizabeth

  1. Skyla Hamblin

    Lizy I miss you sooo much:) I put a smily face there because i am happy to know you are happy were you are. so i am not sad. at first i was because i miss you alot, alot, alot. but then i thought about were you were. and it hit me, YOU ARE IN HEAVEN, so i was not sad any more because some one as spectacular and special and amazing as you should be in a place and with a person who is as equaly amazing special and spectacular as you:) and i hope you can see me, and i prayed for you last night and i told god to tell you somthing.
    Dear Lizy,
    I cant wait to see you when i get up there in heaven with you!! I miss when you would come on the bus with a heavy scent of saltine crackers on your breath, but i loved that smell and i remember when you came on the bus with a hole sleeve of saltine crackers and we ate them all on the way to school:) thats one of my favorite memories with you Lizy. And i promise to bring you some when i get up there and then we can eat as much as we want and not have to worry about stuffing them in our mouth because we have to go in the school!! And Lizy? I hope you know how happy I am to know that you are happy and pain free.

    That was my letter but i am not done with this one so i did not sign my name yet. I miss you lizy and whats funny is what ever i am doing whether i am watching tv or jump roping, or on the computer:) i eventually end up thinking about you!! That just means that you want me to know that you are always with me. I LOVE YOU LIZY and i know you will never forget that:) well i got to go but i will talk to you later i promise… nowi will sign my name:).

    Skyla Hamblin

    • I always wondered what happened to my saltine crackers and how they disapeared so fast! lol I never seemed to be able to keep them in the cupboard for long. *hugs* to you, Skyla. I am sure that Lizy can see you and is hanging out with you often, even though you can’t see her – she’s your special angel. 🙂

      • I just saw this. Thank you. And I miss all of you very much. And I have a story to send you!

      • We think of you often and miss you too! We read your post on facebook – it’s just beautiful. As I said there, you will never know how much your words mean to us. You are a lovely young lady and I can easily see why Lizy loved you so much. 🙂

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