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Dot’s senior year and Emily’s sophomore year! I didn’t get a picture of the girls together since Dot and her date went out before with a group of friends. Em and her good friend, Chase met a bunch of their friends at the dance 🙂

So first here’s Dot & her date, Jackson, with her group of friends….



Emily, since she’s not old enough to go on an official date yet, went with her good friend, Chase, and they met up with a bunch of their friends at the dance.


Neither Dot or Em are girly girls – though Em by far is the more rough and tumble in the pair. It’s quite rare that Em will trade her denim & cammo in for a dress – especially a fancy dress complete with make-up & jewlery! (she’ll do dress or skirts on Sunday but that is about it).

When she came downstairs tonight James exclaime, “Wow! Em, you look like a lady!” and Robert proclaimed, “You beautiful Em!” (I’m sure the boys would have had similar reactions to Dot but I don’t know that they saw her before she left, and she was probably glad since they would have teased her about going on a date as all little brothers do 😀 )

Any way, this next collage sums it all up…


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