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A Random Post (with photos)

I was sitting down just now to begin typing when the phone sounded beside me, which succeeded in sending me jumping to the roof.  (The silliest things startle me and make me jump.)  And who should happen to be on the phone but Connie with “The Ensign” to talk with me about my story that was scheduled for publication.  I just about fell off my chair I was so excited.  And I think my jaw hit the floor when she complimented my writing and that she hoped I would write more (not add to the story, just write in general).  I’m not saying that to brag, it just astonished me that an editor and writer for the magazine thought I was good.  So, lets just say that it might be giving me a bit more confidence in stepping out of my writing/publishing shell (a bit more confidence, I am still rather terrified at even the thought of attempting anything more).  Anyway, the story is loosely scheduled for next March (2008).  So sit back and relax, and I will tell you again when it gets closer and the publication month is more sure.  And believe me, you will definitely hear about it when it finally appears…probably more so than you would want, heh. 🙂


All the kids are home from school today, poor things have terrible nasty colds that they were kind enough to share with me.  Elizabeth woke at 1:00 last night, not able to breathe well from being so congested.  We had a sleepy snuggle on the floor in a very steamy bathroom and she seemed much better after that.


I love our school principal even more after yesterday.  There was ten minutes left of school when I got a phone call saying that Elizabeth was not feeling well, flushed, and feeling week-kneed and could I come get her because she didn’t think she could walk home (and the office aggreed, poor thing looked miserable). Dorothy was stayed home yesterday for being sick.  I informed them that I had a piano student there and that I wasn’t able to pick her up.  Instead of having to call a bunch of people to try to get her home, the school principal said she could slip away for a minute and brought her home for me.  Now, that is a principal who is involved and cares. 🙂


My Dot has been the sweetest thing lately, I think she can tell I have’t been feeling well.  On Sunday she unloaded and loaded the dishwasher (voluntarily).  And yesterday she asked, “Mom, can I unload the dishwasher?”  The little darling unloaded it, then unloaded it again after I had loaded and washed a load, then proceeded to load all the dinner dishes.


On a sad note, Dorothy’s little friend, Maddy, has been diagnosed with acute leukemia and will not attend school for the rest of the year and is undergowing severe kemotherapy treatment.  Dorothy is just devestated, so if you would be so kind as to keep Maddy and her family in your prayers I’m sure it would be greatly appreciated.


On a more funny and mischeivous note, Jacob has been having way too much fun with mom being sick and a bit slower than usual, and has taken full and complete advantage of it.  I had set a basically empty jam jar by the sink to be washed, not thinking about what would happen if a certain son should spy it.

Jacob Digging in

Yummy Sticky Fingers

And when that wasn’t satisfying enough he went in for the kill…. I call this photo:

Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Pot

Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Post


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A Toddler’s Secret to the Universe

Jacob has figured out that chairs make you taller.  Why, with a chair you can reach up to answer the kitchen phone and make lots of noise on it and babble like crazy while mommy is trying to talk.  A chair can unlock the great mysteries of what lies beyond- or above as the case may be.  A chair is the answer to a toddler’s universe as he unlocks the secrets of the treasures that lie in wait upon the counter top.  Brownies need not be out of reach  any longer, they are in full grasp of tiny hands and devouring mouths.

The little hooligan finished off 1/3 –  ONE THIRD of a pan (9×13) of brownies sitting on the counter this morning.  That is a LOT of brownie for a minnie man his size.  I think he found some graham crackers somewhere too because it looked like he had rolled in them. 

The worst thing about this situation?

I have to clean up the mess.

Well, maybe that is second worst.  First worst would be that I don’t get eat any brownies…  🙂

Brownie Shenanigans 1

Brownie Shenanigans 2

“Who me? What makes you think I got into any brownies?”
Brownie Shenanigans 3

“No, I think he went that way…”
Brownie Shenanigans 4


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All Grown Up

We had been debating it for ages – how to cut Jacob’s hair and how short.  It was getting long again, and the curls in the back were getting unmanagable.  Unruly, matted and tangled as soon as the poor tyke woke up. 

I was working on the computer, I don’t quite recall what I was doing.  After a while I emerged from the office to prepare dinner.  Where’s Paul? I wondered as I walked back to the bedroom to see if I could find him.  I walked into our bathroom and there they were.  Jacob sitting happily on the counter with a pile of hair around him – Paul shears in hand.  Jacob looked at me and I nearly choked, his hair was so SHORT! Paul had used an 8 guard, but it was still really short.  The lack of hair wasn’t really what got to me, but the fact that he didn’t look like a baby anymore.  He all of a sudden looked so grown up.  Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of the two boys and the hair cutting, which I was really dissapointed about, but I did get the bath after pictures, and some others.

Bath Time!

Doesn’t his special zipper look fabulous? The surgeon really did such a great job. 🙂

Bath Time! 2

Now those too look so much alike it’s almost scary! 🙂

Jacob Hair Cut

I just love this photo for some reason – he looks so cute and funny eating on the wrong end of his fork.

Jacob Eating Dinner

Jacob loves to hide from us and play peek-a-boo. He’ll squeal, “Where go?” and dive under blankets or anything else, but will allways peek to see if you are watching.

Jacob Hiding

That’s my boy! A true book lover at heart! 🙂

Jacob Loves to Read

Isn’t he adorable and look so grown up now? But, I must confess, I do miss those curls. 🙂 (We might let it grow just long enough to start to curl before we chop it off again.)


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Escaping the Winter Duldrums

February is a hard month.  Spring feels like it is on the doorstep, and we are sick of being cooped up and winter.  The kids get antsy to play outside, and the parents are antsy to send them out more to limit the bickering from living in close quarters for a few months.  So, in this state we sat when we got a call from Paul’s Aunt saying that her beach house was available weekend before last.  We were estatic, the perfect getaway from the winter duldrums.  We loaded up the children Friday afternoon after school and by 5:00 we were speeding happily on our way to the coast.

Hotdogs roasted in the fireplace along with s’mores were the order of the night as we huddled together on the couch, warming up with the rest of the house, as we watched a movie.  Morning arrived quickly and with excited kids hopping about we started the events of the day.  There was playing, relaxing, a bit of snooing, some gallavanting, and definitely beach walking.

Our gallavanting took us to Depoe Bay, home of many tourist shops and mouth watering salt water taffy.

Paul and Kids - Depoe Bay

We picked up a flock of seagulls somewhere along the way -heh 🙂

Paul and Kids - Depoe Bay

Kiddos - Depoe Bay

We made sure to stop in at the Whale watching station and learn about the whales that travel the Oregon Coast. We got to watch a reall cool video and the kids were fascinated with the binoculors provided. Though there were no whales to be sighted this time of year, the coast guard was out doing training. It was fun to watch as one boat towed the other across the bar, under the bridge and into the bay.

Coast Guard

Coast Guard

Coast Guard - Depoe Bay

Soon it was lunch time and kids were beginning to rub their eyes so we headed back for lunch, and naps. But, before we had to return home we made sure we headed out to the beach in between rain showers.

Emmy on Neskowin Beach

Elizabeth on Neskowin Beach

Dorothy - Neskowin Beach

Paul & Jacob - Neskowin Beach

Jacob and Susie - Neskowin Beach

Too soon it was time to go back home, but it relieved the cooped in feeling and was a blast. 🙂


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This Crazy World in Which I Live

Thursday evening I was breaking out into irrational (well, maybe not too irrational) fits of crying, escorted by moments of sheer frustration, hovering under a cloud of gloom.  All this brought about a migraine that is still lingering from time to time today.  As Friday dawned the day really didn’t seem too much better as I remembered the events of the evening before and was trying to decide if I was feeling sick or not. 

For those of you raising your eyebrows and wondering…”hmmmm… is she pregnant?”  The answer is “no” 🙂 and you can lower your eyebrows now.

You know that item that is prized by a woman higher than almost any other.  That one thing that is forbidden to anyone but the owner.  It hold the innermost workings of a woman’s life and her universe revolves around it.  Your husband would sooner die than look through it, and children ask three or four times to be sure that you really did ask them to search it for a particular item.  Well, someone – some unknown hooligan – has violated that prized item and absconded with it late Tuesday night.  That is the kind of action that if the police don’t get you the lightning will – heh. 🙂

Yup, so for those of you still trying to decipher my strange cryptic rambling, my purse was stolen.  We didn’t discover it’s theft until Thursday night when I was trying to leave to buy diapers at Costco.  We couldn’t find it anywhere.  We searched in, over, under, and through every thing.  I even searched every cupboard and looked in the fridge and freezer – hey, I have kids, and one of them is a toddler, anything is possible – heh.  We couldn’t find it anywhere.  I racked my brain trying to remember when I last used it, and came up with Tuesday night to go get pizza.  The pizza place didn’t have it, and then I remembered that Paul was in a hurry to get to Scouts and I grabbed the pizza and pop and went charging into the house so he could go charging out.  I must have left my purse sitting on the passenger seat in the van.  And that was the end of that.

Friday we spent the entire day closing bank accounts, opening new accounts, cancelling credit cards, flagging numbers left and right, getting a new driver’s licence, and taking lots and lots of advil and praying lots and lots that whoever took my purse doesn’t decide to completely destroy my life.

So, if you wave at me while walking down the road and I don’t wave back, don’t worry it probably wasn’t me….  heh

 *UPDATE:  No less than 10 minutes after I published this post and I was cooking dinner in the kitchen, Paul hollered at me from the office.  In I came running only to find him standing there, holding my purse!  Not my new purse either, but my old one.  We had looked… both of us, at least 3-4 times each underneath the desk.  I was on my hands and knees looking.  Some how (give you ten guesses as to how – he’s short, adorable, and gets into everything) it had gotten shoved under – way, way under ( we are living in my parent’s house while they are on their mission, so to truly understand this, you have to understand that the office is a storage room. The portion we use is tiny, and we have two desks, one infront of the other shoved in there.) the desk.  It was so dark and black under there neither of us could have found it.  So after a weekend of frustration and renewing EVERYTHING the purse was sitting there all the time.  I don’t know whether to give thanks or throw back my head in frustration and howl…

….I am very grateful.  Why do I have the feeling this would ony happen to me…

Oh, and if you wave at me while I am walking down the road and I don’t wave back, it was probably because I biffed it right as you passed.


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This Bible belonged to my Great Great Grandmother, whom I am named after. She carried it with her across the country as a pioneer in one of the many handcart companies. It was printed in 1869.



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A Little Hot to Trot

It was bound to happen eventually.  With my charming ability to crash, trip, and fall into anything I should be surprised that I made it this long before disaster hit.  Luckily it wasn’t as much of a disaster as it could have been….

 October was upon us and the temperatures were quickly dropping as the frigid air settled in.  Trying to live on a shoe string and cut as many things out of the budget as possible, we decided that we would do without gas heat for as much of the winter as possible, and began our quest for more wood for our wood burning stove.  We actually prayed for wood at one point, worried that we wouldn’t have enough to get through the winter, and our friend had two trees blown over in a terrific wind storm after that.  We teased them that it was our fault, but as one tree had been dead for a few years it gave us lots of wood to burn, and they argued that it needed to come down anyway, and this way they didn’t have to pay for it.

Anyway, I digress.  When we started using the wood stove, Jacob was a real worry, as toddlers and stoves don’t mix to well.  After a day or two  of heart pounding shooing Jacob away from the stove and exclamations of “Hot!” Paul came up with a great idea. 

When Dorothy was born we bought two boxes of those gray baby fence/gate segments.  There are 6 segments in a box and they connect together.  They’re awesome.  We can make an enclosed play area when they are little, or just put pieces of segments across openings to rooms as a fence to help keep kids in or out.  Adults, and even the older kids can easily step/climb over them without too much of a problem (unless you’re me).  So, Paul took about 6 of the pieces and set them up as a permimeter around the danger area to keep Jacob away and out of trouble.  That was it, problem solved….

Last night I had the fire burning brightly and the warmth was filling the kitchen as the children swapped valentines and gorged themselves on enough candy to open a small shop.  I went to check on the fire and see if it was in need of another log.  I lifted my leg to step over the fence and I lost my balance.  In horror I felt myself falling backwards toward the stove.  My arms began flapping as if I was some strange gangly bird trying to take flight and save myself from the impending disaster. I tried all I could do to throw myself forward, but to no avail as my backward momentum was too strong.

 Though the fence was the culprit in the first place, it also helped me out a bit. I was still on the fence and as the plastice bent and fell beneath me it slowed my crash just enough.  As I felt my backside connect with the edge of the stove I was able to rocket off and fling myself to the floor, skidding halfway across to the family room.  The fence spring back up and sat there rocking slightly, laughing, no doubt, at my never ending grace.  I was just glad that I had jeans on and didn’t get burned – at all.

Now, that is what I call being in the “hot seat”.  heh 🙂  And my husband can officially say I am a pain in the rear… hee hee (I didn’t get burned, but that stove is not soft and the bruise will be sure to last at least a week).

Ok, so I want to hear all of the “hot buns” jokes that I know you are thinking of right now…


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