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Daddy, Throw Me In!

In our church, children are baptized by immersion (submersed completely below the water), at the age of 8 years, when they know right from wrong, and can remember the special day.  Elizabeth is fast approaching her 8th birthday and is becoming quite excited about the upcoming event.  One of her friends was baptized two Sundays ago and we took our family to attend. 

On our way home she was excitedly discussing who she wanted to baptize her, Daddy or Grandpa.  Finally when Elizabeth managed to pause for a breath, Emily piped up with her opinion of how she would want her baptism to be:

“When it comes time for me to swim, I want Daddy to throw me in!”

Paul and I dissolved into giggles (and no more serious discussion could take place after that).  heh 🙂


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He Takes a Licking and Keeps on Ticking

Some kids just have all the luck – good or bad.  I’m reminded of a nursery rhyme that my mom would recite to tease me from time to time:

There was a little girl who had a little curl
Right in the middle of her forhead.
When she was good, she was very very good,
And when she was bad, she was horrid.

I could use that to describe a few of my kids from time to time (one in particular, heh), but today it applies to Jacob. Not that he is getting into mischief or anything. He will fly through a number of months, completely unscathed, happy go luck, and good. But when it finally hits, it hits hard, poor tyke.

We were at the doctor today to get his Synagis shot and check up on his finger. The finger was looking pretty good and so he graduated from the smiley faces and brace to a regular band-aid (Provided he can keep the thing on) and we were told to keep it as clean as possible and keep an eye out for infection. The he got loaded in both legs, screaming bloody murder the whole time. After the shots he kept jerking his legs away from the nurse while she was trying to put band-aids on them. Poor guy. Well, then we went to visit some friends. They have stairs, but I wasn’t worried, Jacob has been doing stairs for a long time.

We were visiting when we heard a huge thud and Jacob’s ensuing wails. I went running and found him laying on the floor face down at the bottom of the stairs, with a huge lump on his fore head. I don’t know how far he fell, but the poor guy has just been taking a pounding lately. One would almost think he took after me or something…


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Belinda and Will’s Birthday Surprise

Karen just started a new writing prompts game, which captured my attention immediately – maybe she could tell I need some fresh inspiration.  I do write from time to time, and have two very good friends that emerge from my writings.  Though they take on different names (I still haven’t found that perfect name yet) they are full of fun and mischief.  You will get to meet them today, and they might reappear sometime in the future…  ( I hope it all makes sense, some of the ‘prompts’ that I tried to insert might not have fit too well…)


Belinda strode into Will’s room, a girl on a mission.  She made a grab for his exposed foot, getting him in a good toehold to hassle him out of his sweet slumber.


“Get off me you big oaf!” he exclaimed. “Aren’t you supposed to be practicing that vile calligraphy of yours?”


“Supposed to be, yes.  Actually am? no.  Look, it’s Mom’s Birthday tomorrow and we really should do something special, now while she is away.”


“You mean, you have a plan to get us into more trouble,” Will mused.


“That is not what I meant, hush up now and follow me.”


They bounded down the stairs and into their Mother’s kitchen. “I’ll start getting the cake together, you gather supplies to make cards and presents,” Belinda ordered as she began rummaging through cupboards, which were not unlike a forest, rows and rows of spices and bottles she couldn’t even half pronounce.  She grabbed several at once and shoved them out of the way.  “Here it is Mom’s favorite recipe, sponge cake.”


“Belinda, that is supposed to be a pretty tough recipe, do you really think you can do it?”


“’Course I can, how hard can it really be anyway?  What are you going to make mom?”


“A possum collar.”


“A what?”  Belinda turned, disbelief in her eyes.  “What would she ever need that for?  You going to find her a pet possum too, she’d love that,” the sarcasm dripped off her words forming a small pool of silence.

“Hey, it will be extremely useful.  When she finds possums in the barn trying to steal eggs and stuff, instead of chasing them away with a pitchfork she can attach the possum collar and leash and lead them to safety.  Much more humane if you ask me.”

“Not to mention crazy,” Belinda laughed.

The kitchen was filled with busy silence as the children set to their tasks, baking, painting, and creating.  No one noticed the back door had been left open from earlier chores.  No one noticed that a lonely chicken had strolled in and was pecking about the mess of flour that covered the floor.


BUZZZ! The timer signaling the cake was finally finished baking echoed through the kitchen, sending Belinda flying to her feet.  She flung open the oven and grasped the cake in her mitted hands and spun about.  Startled, the chicken rose into the air with a horrible squawk and flurry of feathers.


“Wha-“shrieked Belinda.  Her arms flailed and sponge cake, unbounded, sailed through the air, as she skidded through the flour.  Wham. She crashed into the counter across the kitchen, her hand shooting into a jar of vinegar, sending it flying across the surface, spinning and spraying the odorous liquid across the kitchen as it went.


Will stood holding his paintbrush, yellowish goop dripping from it’s tip, in shocked silence.  His mouth gaped wide as the chicken flew, in affront, straight for his face.


“Nooo,” cried Will, flinging his arms up to protect his exposed head as the startled chicken attacked.  It clung to his shirtsleeve, ignorant of his flapping arm.  “Get it off! Get it off!” he shouted dancing about the kitchen, spraying paint across the room.  Around and around he spun until, SMACK, he hit something solid.  Solid, soft and tall.


There stood Mother, dismay and alarm in her eyes, as she took in the freshly pickled pad of paper laying on the counter to the remnants of sponge cake on the shelf, gross with blobs of bright yellow paint, dripping from it’s soggy mass.  Belinda was sprawled across the floor, her face white as a ghost as a dust cloud of flour settled around her.


“Mom, I can explain-“ Will began, feeling too much like a red-handed cowboy, caught with his hand in the till.


“Really, it’s self-explanatory, soiled clothes, paint everywhere, and isn’t that vinegar I smell?” Mother spoke in a too calm voice.


The chicken half flapped, half limped across the floor toward the open door.


“We just wanted to-“ Belinda sucked in her breath, “It’s just that we didn’t realize-   Oh, bother, we made a mess of things, and we honestly didn’t mean to this time.”  She wrung her hands in dismay and stared into her mother’s eyes.


A slow smile spread across Mother’s face. “Well, I suppose my birthday present now will be a nice clean kitchen,” she said and quietly ascended he stairs.


*Disclaimer: This was written entirely off the cuff and very little editing went into it other than spell check.  Feel free to let me know if you see any gross errors, or anything really, that could/should be changed.


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It’s here! 🙂

Silver 1

And just in case you were wondering just what that was (you probably weren’t, but I’ll post the full pic I took anyway)…

Silver 2

My daughter accidently knocked it over one day and most of the candles broke, which I why they look crooked, we didn’t have any new ones in the house, so I just took the pic, funny looking candles and all. 🙂


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Just When We Thought Things Were Calming Down

Once again I am without my laptop, which makes it really difficult to find time to get much writing done…

There is a small person in our family who is bound and determined to turn me gray. I rather wish I would see those first few hairs pop up on my head so he would quit trying. He succeeded with Paul, but apparently my hair is a bit more stubborn.

There was no school this morning, which made the perfect opportunity to schedule a couple of make-up lessons for piano. The kids and I were up early as usual and after breakfast I got them squirreled away playing happily so I could teach my first student. She arrived at 9:00 and we got started. We were less than 15 minutes into the lesson when a piercing shriek ripped through the house, followed by panicked wailing cries.

“Jacob’s finger got smashed in the door!” Elizabeth came yelling into the living room. I walked over to kiss the poor little finger, and then I saw it dripping with blood. I scooped him into my arms and walked back to my bathroom to wash the finger off and stick a band-aid on it. “Oh boy,” I muttered, “a band-aid isn’t going to fix that.”

So after what seemed like a million phone calls, find a babysitter, call the other student, call the doctor, call the husband… I was finally on my way with a sobbing toddler and a tender big sister in the back seat, holding the towel around his hand and trying to comfort him.

The doctor was afraid it was broken and sent us to the hospital for x-rays. Jacob was a real trooper and received a little stuffed goat (which in his mind is a dog) much to his delight, as he waved his bandaged index finger and said “Ook! (look) Owie!” We drove back to the doctor’s office, and much to our relief, the finger was not broken. It was rather badly damaged however. Our ped glued the laceration shut and proceeded to explain that for it to heal we needed to immobilize it. A finger splint was out of the question, so a whole arm splint was brought in. The wrapped up the poor battered finger in gauze and fitted the splint to his hand and arm. Jacob sat and watched, fascinated, as the wrapped the bright orange bandage with smiley faces on it around and around his arm. When they were done he waved his arm in the air, “Ook! Ook!” trying to decide just what to think of it. (Now it looks like he did some major damage to his whole arm, I can hear all the exclamations of dismay on Sunday already)

The poor little tyke hasn’t taken such a sound nap in months as he did today after his little ordeal. One of the drawback is that it was his left index finger that got smashed, and he is primarily left-handed, but I’m sure he will compensate just fine. We should only have to splint it through the weekend, the doc will check it Monday morning when we are in for his Synagis (RSV) shot.

Well, though I had intended to write today, I hadn’t quite expected such excitement to write about…

If Jacob keeps all this up our lives will be anything but boring. heh 🙂

Jacob and the infamous hurt finger


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Just too funny for words…

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Venerable Lady Julia the Bovine of Melbury Bubblewick
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It was just too funny, really, considering my “cow history“. So, I just had to bring back my ol’ friend, the cow, from my beginning blogger days.


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Winter Wonderland

I woke up this morning, stretched and groaned as I eyed the clock, realizing that I had slept a full half hour longer than intended and we’d have to rush to get the kids off to school. I quickly roused them from the depths of their slumber and beckoned them to get dressed. I brushing my teeth when one of them came charging back, full throttle into the bathroom, colliding with my legs and nearly jamming the electric toothbrush half way down my throat.

“It snowed!”

“Huh?” I mumbled around my foaming mouth, slightly bewildered, because though it has definitely been cold enough, I didn’t think it was in the forecast to snow.

“It snowed!” she squealed again and tore back off down the hall. Expecting the usual light dusting that we get overnight from time to time I walked out to the family room and looked out the glass door. To my amazement and joy, this is what I saw (and it was still snowing!):


After a long search we managed to find enough snow stuff that with a ton of layers they were ready to go.


Then Jacob emerged on the scene, not quite sure what to think of this white fluffy stuff, and the fact that he was bundled and stuffed with clothes so tight he could barely move.



“What is this stuff?”


He looks so small in all that snow. 🙂


Then Paul dug the tobagan out of the shed and we pulled the kids around the yard.





I finally took the camera in, because I didn’t want it to get too wet. We decided to go on a snow walk, and with kids on tobagan in tow, we headed down the deserted street, whooping all the way. We wound up at our friends’ house, just a blog behind us. They had their four wheeler out and we hooked the tobagan on it and prodeeded to give everybody rides. All the kids loved it. It has been a grand adventure (made even more fun by the fact that Daddy couldn’t go in to work today). The kids are now begging my attention as they get ready to head back outside to build a snowman…


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Technology (and Memory)


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This is a photo of our son’s, Jacob, x-ray. He was born with a Congenital Heart Defect called Transposition of the Great Arteries. We are amazed and grateful for the technology that saved his life. I could have posted a myriad of different photos, but I chose this one because it fascinates me that you can see the clips they used to wire his chest shut after open heart surgery. If you want to read more about our miracle boy you can read here:
Jacob’s Short Story
Jacob’s Long Story

And now for Memory:

I flubbed last week. I couldn’t think of anything, and then this morning it hit me. I remember playing this piece in 7th grade for the school talent show. I was terrified, never having played in front of that many people before. 🙂 Why I didn’t think of it last week I shall never know, but here is the photo for the theme Memory:



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My How They Grow

I have a really good friend who is an excellent photographer.  While I love her work I can’t typically afford her.  Last spring/summer I lucked out.  One of my other really good friends was going into business with her and her photography skills were being trained.  We were asked to be ginuea pigs, and all of a sudden it was affordable.  They did an amazing job, as I expected they would, and I now have an amazing gallery of family photos above my fireplace mantal on the wall of my living room.  Though I couldn’t scan the photos in, she was kind enough to upload all the photos from the sessions onto her website and provided me with a link, and permission to share them. So, here you go: Our Family Photos taken by Rachel O’Neil Photography.  (the ones we chose to get prints of are – counting from left to right, top to bottom – 1,2,3,4,6,7, (a different one of Jacob that she forgot to put up), 9,11, and 18).

We also got the kids back to school pictures done, though these I do at Walmart, for two reasons, they are affordable (a lot more than the at school pictures they do) and of decent quality, and I can be with the kids to make sure we get a good picture.  I just love how in one of Lizard’s photos, and one of Dot’s they have the exact same expression on their faces.  Can’t tell their sisters can ya?  heh 🙂

Elizabeth 2006

Elizabeth 2006 a

Elizabeth 2006 b

Dorothy 2006

Dorothy 2006 a

Dorothy 2006 b

Emily 2006

Emily 2006 a

Emily 2006 b

Jacob 2006:

Jacob 2006 b

Jacob 2006 d

And Finally, the friends I mentioned above took family snapshots at our church Christmas party, free of charge of course. So I give you the family, Decmember 2006 (oh, the fact that we are color coordinated is just happy happenstance, we had no idea they were taking photos, we jsut all wore red because it was Christmas. We decided we look like a sleigh):

Wagner Family Decmeber 2006


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Happy Dance!

Gee, if these after Christmas surprises continue through 2007 we are in for a stellar year!

I had just finished mucking my way through an enormous pile of laundry and was industriously ironing Paul’s work shirts and pants when the phone rang. I punched the volume down on “Pride and Prejudice” and answered the phone.

It was Paul with an exciting surprise. He had been thinking of asking his employer for a raise but hadn’t found the right time. Today, they beat him to it. The President of the company asked to meet with him, and continued to congratulate him on all the work he had done. She praised his hard work and told him that he had done far more than they had originally anticipated and concluded by offering him a 10 % raise. Actually when all is said and done, it is just a bit over 10%.

We, of course, are estatic. We can put more in savings for that hypothetical house, which is starting to seem less impossible. 🙂 It also meant a lot to Paul that his efforts were recognized and rewarded. So, feel free to join me in a happy dance around the computer if you wish. 🙂


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