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A Hairy Saga

It all started a few months ago when I went with that new hair style – you know, the one where I actually had to figure out what mousse and pomade were, not to mention by a can of hairspray the size of a family soup can (heh) all in order to do my hair. All this stuff was very foreign to me, the tomboy, and even more foreign to my scalp.

I didn’t notice until a couple weeks before Christmas how itchy and sore my head was, until I found myself abesnt-mindedly scratching my scalp. The first thoughts upon the realization were, well- I am sure you can imagine. I grab the closest kid and checked her hair, relieved to find nothing. So, that left me with the question, what is going on with my head?

Quite simply put my scalp was staging a revolt on the hostile take over I had imposed on it some months before. In short, my hair and scalp were dry, dry, dry. I tried fancy conditioners, shampoos, the works and it helped some. I switched to a different mousse as suggested by a sister, but to no avail. Finally I hit the point where I woke one morning to find it weeping, it was so dry – and sore.

I began working hydrocortizone into my scalp, stuck a hat on my head, and made an appointment with my Dr. I figured it was just a really bad case of eczema as I am prone to dry skin anyway. Apparantly it was a particularly nasty reaction to the hair product.

He gave me a perscription with the orders to not do anything to my hair other than wash it. Eek! So, if you see some crazy in a hat or with really bad hair, that would be me. But at least, it is getting better, doesn’t hurt or itch anymore either. Yay! I’ll just be happy when I can do my hair again – oh, and for those of you with sensitive skin – avoid Pantene. You probably already knew that, but the hopeless tomboy had no idea. 🙂

And I suppose there’s the consolation that at least I didn’t have to battle the other thing – because that would have involved the whole family and a lot more washing…


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