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Who’s In That Box?

I had a series of errands and miscellaneous appointments today – everything from getting my teeth cleaned (yay! It had been like 5 years or so since my last cleaning and it felt SOOOOO good) to returning mail at the UPS store.  Most of the little errands were ran with Emmy and Jacob in tow.  At one point we were waiting in a small lobby that had a little fun mirror attached to a wall.  One of the wavey ones that distorts your body and makes you look all funky.

Jacob’s attention was caught and he cocked his head to one side and peered at his reflection with a puzzled gaze.  I turned to speak to a lady and then turned back to see Jacob.   His face was pressed against the wall, his nose right up next to the wood box side of the funny mirror.  I started laughing when it dawned on me what he was doing.  He was tryin to see through the minute crack between wall and mirror to figure out he the funny little man was in the box.

He forgot about it a moment later and just had fun laughing at his crazy reflection.  But I wonder if he is still thinking about who was in that box. 🙂


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The “Really Official” Announcement

 As most of you have figured out by now, yes we are expecting child #5.  It is just too much fun being cryptic and seeing how many of you can figure it out, and how quickly. 🙂  My first hint was in my random 7 things about me post, then less cryptic was the post about Jacob and music.  So, forgive me for having too much fun at your expense with my announcement. 🙂  Karen takes the prize as being the very first to pick up on it, I suspected she would, it is terribly difficult to sneak anything past her. 🙂

We usually don’t announce it this early (I’m at the end of my 2nd month) but, all my kids know and the secret just won’t stay in the bag for long, so I decided to untie the strings and just enjoy letting people know in the most interesting ways possible.  Aside from the kids knowing, I am feeling the worst ever, compared to my previous pregnancies, and it is hard to conceal a constant nausea.  Though I feel totally exhausted much of the time and nauseous I am so much better off than a lot of pregnant moms, at least I am not hovering over a toilet all day. 

The due date isn’t until January, so we have a ways to go, and my first prenatal is next Monday, so hopefully at that point we will get to hear the heart beat.  We will have an ultrasound done at 20 weeks to  check for heart defects, etc. but we will not find out the sex of the baby.  We love surprises and I love not knowing what we are having until the baby is born.  We do have two names picked already, leftovers that we had chosen during our previous pregnancies, that we love and I might divulge those later if my arm is twisted enough. 😉  We are so excited, but a bit overwhelmed, we have a hard enough time sometimes with the 4 we have that 5 seems a bit daunting, but we are truly excited, and just praying we will be up to the challenge.

As far as the kids go they are all thrilled and have already thrown in their predictions. 

 Elizabeth wants another boy, “Jacob needs a buddy” she says.

Emily is just excited to have a “Baby in Mommy’s tummy”, Jacob doesn’t really get what is going on – maybe he will later what I am huge (ugh) 🙂 and Dorothy in her very own words says, “Mommy, why can’t you just have two? You know, one of each – a boy and a girl.”

Thanks Dot. (eek)  I promise I will try really hard not to complain about feeling icky, but now you will know part of the reason why my posts have been, and will possibly continue to be, sporadic from time to time.


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The “OFFICIAL” Announcement

Yes, the moment you have all been waiting for has finally come.  We had our Heart Walk on Saturday (May 19) and it went really well.  🙂 

We started off by parking a mile away (hey, free parking, can’t complain) and walked to the area of festivities. We checked in, met up with some people we were walking with, and got started on our merry way. The Heart Walk is 3 miles, and I was wondering how the kids (especially Emmy) would do with walking it.

Heart Walk 1

We elected to be at the end of the massive group of walkers, mainly to afford the kids a slightly more leisurely pace, and so as not to hold people up when we needed to stop for this and that.

Heart Walk 2

We crossed over two bridges, this is one of them. We are some distance from the bridge still, but you can see many walkers already on the bridge – the teeny little specs at the bottom.

Heart Walk 3

The kids were thrilled to cross the bridge at the same time as a train – though it was a bit noisy. You could hear Jacob’s “Choo! Choo!” above even the ruccous of the train.

Heart Walk 4

Water break – here is Dorothy in her hot pink cast, she has been coping quite well with her left hand, little determined thing that she is.

Heart Walk 5 - Dot's Pink cast

Our Little Hero

Heart Walk 6

Taking a break from the stroller on Dad’s shoulders.

Heart Walk 6

The girls ended up walking all three miles, plus the last mile back to our car – a grand total of 5 miles. We were so impressed with them, especialy with Emily being only 4 years old. Go Emily!!! 🙂 The walk was a lot of fun and a great success, we can’t wait until next year to go again.

Oh, wait a second, that wasn’t the official announcement you were expecting? Gee…. guess you’ll have to wait just a bit longer (Jacob is upset about something, I need to go find out what).


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Again! Again!

I was sitting in the rocking chair beside the piano wishing for the waves of nausea that have been plaguing me for nearly 2 months now to subside and for my body to be suddenly infused with energy that I seemed so devoid of lately.  All the kids were playing outside with Dad except for Jacob who was rummaging through the music rythm instrument bin near the piano.

I watched through half opened eyes as he pulled out his favorite drum and prepared himself for a grand concert.  Then he looked at me, then at the piano, then at me, then at the piano.  Finally pointing a small chubby finger at the piano he looks at me, “Pay!”  I have an idea what he is asking, but it is too much fun to just do it, I have to encourage him a bit.

“Do you want me to play the piano?”

“Mama pay!” he says again.

“Can you say please?”

“Pease,” comes the plaintive little cry and I launch in a rollicking Joplin rag to which he beats and pounds upon his little drum. 

 I finished the piece and sat a moment thinking I should get dinner ready when Jacob pipes up, “again.”

“You want me to play again?”

“Pease,” he is catching on at this point and I launch into another fun frollicking piece.  What can I say, he is stroking my ego a bit.  There is something special about your child begging you to play and to keep playing.  I don’t recall any of the other kids begging me to keep playing, even though I know they enjoy it.

He put up the request of “Again, pease” one more time and then I really had to get dinner ready.  It sure is nice to know that my kids love music as much as Paul and I do. 🙂


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The Magic Flute

Some time ago Paul recieved free tickets to the Portland Opera’s Dress Rehearsal of The Magic Flute by Mozart.  Our crazy weekend this last weekend began actually on Thursday as we prepared to go to the opera.  Paul actually ended up recieving two extra free tickets so we were thrilled to take our two oldest girls with us.  I never would have tried it if it wasn’t a dress rehearsal, but it was a great oportunity to expose them to opera, etc.

The girls were excited as we briskly walked the 7 blocks to the Civic Auditorium (Keller now I think) from where we parked. We made it in the nick of time, as I don’t walk too fast or well in high heels.  The girls were full of eager anticipation as the lights dimmed and the music began.

Worried, Dorothy leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Mom, I can’t see anything.” 

I chuckled softly, “This is the overture, we get to listen to the pretty music for a while.”

We watched the conductor and listened, then Dorothy giggled, “He’s funny!” As the conductor in a wild section of the overture waved his arms around. 

Trying not to laugh myself I gently shushed her and we settled down to enjoy the music once more.  Suddenly the overture came to an end and the grand red curtain rose exposing a breath taking forest scene.  Dorothy popped up in her chair as straight as can be, “Coooool!” she awed in a soft voice.  I noticed that Elizabeth was looking on with awe as well on the otherside of Paul. 

The speaking parts of the opera are in English while the singing is in German.  Paul pointed to the reader board with the English translation and whispered to Elizabeth that she could read the words up there.

“I don’t care if it isn’t in our language,” she quietly gushed, “I just want to listen.”

The night was truly magic for our kids.  And while to me the vocals weren’t the best I had heard the staging was marvelous and it was thoroughly enjoable.  And most importantly the kids loved every minute of it.  They stayed awake until the very end, which wasn’t until 10:00 at night, and even happily walked the 7 blocks back to the car.  We had mini binoculars that they loved pearing through and watching the performers up close, and they especially enjoyed the trip up to see the pit orchestra during the intermission.

I was so pleased with them and how well they did.  I needn’t have worried, they were so well behaved, even when they got tired.  I hope we can have this oportunity again some time.


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7 Little Facts

I’ve been tagged by two of my friends, Alyson and Nancy, – I hope that doesn’t mean I need to come up with 14, cause you would all be terribly bored. 🙂  Actually, I just found out another friend tagged me too,  Jenni – I definitely don’t think you guys want to hear 21 obscure facts about me – heh.  *Garsh* I feel so loved guys! 🙂

 1. I have been to 45 of 50 states (approx – I might have forgot 1 or incorrectly remembered 1)

2. 5 is my favorite number, after all I was kid #5 and I thought Short Circuit was a really cool movie – #5 Alive!  Maybe I should have 5 kids….

3. My siblings and I used to have wall climbing races in the hall. With a hand and foot on each side of the hall (like straddling it) we’d climb up and see who could hit the ceiling the fastest.

4. I’ve never a broken bone – which is quite amazing considering my knack for…well, you know. 🙂

5.  When I was a kid I used to stick my feet behind my head and turn my eyelids inside out… well until my sister told me they would get stuck that way forever and then I stopped doing both.

6.  I painted my toenails for the first time in my life not quite 5 years ago.

7. Oh yeah, and speaking of #5……

Anyway, as far as who I tag (on one of my taggers, they said I had to tag 7), I’ll tag Stephanie (since you said on your last post you  needed something to write about), Deb, Laural,  Allrie, Perpetual Chocoholic, Sariah, and Sariah. 🙂  Knock yourselves out…or don’t – it might hurt. heh 🙂


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*Quick Update*

A quick update – thanks all of you for your sweet and funny comments. 🙂 Dorothy received a hot pink cast yesterday afternoon and will have a check up in one week.  She was back at school today and even spent a little time bouncing solo on the trampoline.  She is very proud of her bright pink arm, but I think the excitement will wear off all too soon. 🙂

Our Ped. took a look at Jacob’s infected spot and said to keep putting warm compresses on it to see if we could get it to drain.  We talked about the possibility of making the trek to see our cardiologist, but decided to give it a bit more time.  I finally did get it to drain out, and today as I pushed gently on it (much to complaint of Jacob) I popped out what looked like a little peice of stitch.  It made sense to me considering the doc clipped off the earlier stitch (a rather long piece) that was down lower.  I figured that there was a little piece of stitch left that then started trying to work its way out and causing infection.  Now with that all cleared up, with some triple antibiotic ointment we shouldn’t have any more problems.

*fingers crossed*  🙂

To those who have tagged me with the 7 questions, I will get to that ASAP as well as the other fun filled events from this past week…


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The Perfect Way to Spend a Saturday

We have had a most extraordinary (crazy?) weekend from about Thursday on.  I will right about all events eventually, but for now I shall write about Saturday.

 I had been looking forward to Saturday for ages – it was to be my Mommy’s day out.  A good friend and I had scheduled for months this day to take off and spend the entire day out gallavanting – sunrise to sunset.  Friday evening, when I called to verify, I discovered that she had some unexpected things come up and as terrible as she felt and as much as she wanted to go out, she was not able.  But maybe, she had told me, I will be available in the afternoon.

Another friend called shortly after that to let us know that they had their trampoline loaded in the car for us and could they stop by that evening.  They had a new house with not enough back yard to set it up in, so they offered it to us.  As we talked about drop off arrangements we also talked about the possiblity of her being able to take the day off from noon on.  It sounded promising.

Saturday morning dawned and my second friend had to cancel.  Feeling dissapointed, I didn’t really want to spend the entire day to myself.  My husband suggested scheduling a baby sitter for the late afternoon to catch a matinee together and I could still have the first half the day to do what I wanted.  I agreed.  I found out a friend was having a special occasion at 2:00 and I terribly wanted to go, but for some reason the idea of attending kept slipping away and finally I decided to selfishly take off on my own.  I had a wonderful time – I went to the bead store and looked at stone, I leisurely browsed shelves of books, drinking in that new book smell, at Barnes and Noble, and finally I landed at someplace to grab lunch.  I took my time eating, engulfed in a new book.  It is rather nice to go on a date with a book and curl up in solitude in a corner of a restaurant.

After lunch I hopped in the car – it was 2:00 and I was hit with a wave of exhaustion.  I thought of other things to do and places to go, but it seemed the more I thought of the more tired I got, until I decided that I would go home and take a nap.  I fought sleep the whole way home, but made it safely.  I smiled, no doubt thinking of my comfy bed, as I saw the house and turned to pull into the drive way, it was almost 2:30.

There was Paul loading the kids into the car.  One look at his face told me that something was wrong – really wrong.  He waved me into the driveway and charged my window.  The words tumbled out in a rush, “Dorothy broke her arm we are heading to the ER.”  I nodded my head and took off down the road with the children ladened van behind me.

It wasn’t until we all met up at the hospital that I found out the details. Paul had set up the trampoline and talked with the kids about rules and what not.  Not even 30 minutes later Dorothy had sailed of and landed on the ground.  With a wild scream, that let Daddy no something was definitely amiss, Dorothy noticed immediately that her arm didn’t look right.  She didn’t cry, just carefully held it against her and sat on the couch waiting patiently for Dad to get everything ready.  Dad made a make-shift sling out of a pillow case and loaded everyone into the car.  She didn’t cry again until she saw me, ‘I want Mommy!”  But settled down and hung in there until the hospital.

She cried some on our way in and I whipped out my insurance card and got the registration process started.  Stoic little Dorothy sat with the family and asked Dad, “Dad is that the kind of scream I need when I get hurt bad?”  We had talked numerous times about not screaming unless there was a problem, the question broke some of the stress and we laughed and confirmed that it was a great scream.

Our ER visit was to turn into a long visit.  They were packed and had a number of very bad cases.  Thankfully I still had that new book with me.  I went with Dorothy and Paul took the kids home and picked the babysitter up early.  We finished getting registered and finally were given a room in the ER.  After meeting with the nurse and going over more details again we waited for the X-ray technicians to get us.  Dorothy in the meantime recieved a stuffed gray bunny with a bubblegum pink nose, which she immediately name “Bubblegum” much to the delight of the nurses.  Soon Dorothy and Bubblegum were being wheeled down to x-ray.  I was given a lead apron and sent behind a lead wall – I had done this a few times, so it was no surprise.  Dot didn’t fuss or complain one bit as they arranged her arm for x-ray – the technician was amazed, “I’ve had 10-12 year old kids that hve cried, whined, and complained,” she uttered in awe. And gave Dorothy 6 stickers as a reward.

I watched the first x-ray pop up on the computer and saw immediately where the breaks were.  The one x-ray I couldn’t see because it was on film, was the one that really showed how bad the breaks were.  Yes, I say ‘breaks’ for a reason. She had snapped both her radius and her ulna about an inch or two up from her wrist – as the nurse said, “Snapped her arm in half.”  The doctor made it in to see us some time later and talked with us about the break and that it needed reduction (basically it needed to be set).  Thankfully it could be closed reduction – which meant they could knock her out and set it without opening her arm up.  Yay! No surgery.  After some time the anesthesiologist arrived.  Everyone was absolutely amazed at our little Dot and how brave she was being.

The nurse had put in an IV in her left arm – the right arm was the one that was broken – and Dorothy was more bothered by that than by her broken arm – it was rather amusing actually.  The had her all hooked up to the monitors and the anesthesiologist began to administer the drug through her I’ve to put her under.  After the standard ammount she appeared to asleep and the Doc grasped her arm to set it – Dorothy’s eyes flew open, “I hurts!” she cried in a voice that broke my heart.

“She’s not out!” both doctor and anesthesiologist exclaimed and more drug was pushed through her lines.  Once again the doctor began to set her arm, and again Dorothy thrashed and yelled.  It was hard for me to handle.  The anesthesiologist pushed more in, and finally they were able to set the bone and put on a soft mold cast to stablize her arm.  The anesthesiologist was amazed, in awe he told the doc that it took 120 cc’s to get her under.  To put it into perspective her told us that there was a full grown woman that needed to have her hip shoved back into place – a very painful event, and it only took 90 cc’s to knock her out.  They had a good chuckle over our little fighter. 🙂

It was 8:00 in the evening when we were eventually released from the hospital and sent home with tylenol with codine and follow-up instructions.

So, today proves to be a funfilled day as I follow up with our pediatrician and an orthopedist.  Oh, and did I mention that Jacob’s incision from this last mini surgery is suddenly infected?  Yup, so he gets a fun filled visit to our pediatrician too.  I imagine they will just knock him up with some antibiotics, hopefully, that is all it will take.  So, a day in the life of the Wagner family – apparantly things have been boring around here, and we are being livened up a bit.


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My Bloomin’ Yard

I posted a ton of new photos on flickr of everything blooming in our yard, and when the yard belongs to a botanist who loves gardening there is a lot blooming.  While the yard can be gorgeous, the weeds and work are not.  I had no idea how much work my dad spent on the yard until we moved in.  To say that it is a big job for a mom of 4 little ones is an understatement.  I do what I can, but unfortunately much of the gardens don’t get all the work and attention they need. So along with the gorgeous flowers I am sure that the trained eye will pick out all the weeds too *sigh*.  I won’t post all of the photos here, there are too many, just a few.

Golden Chain Tree in Afternoon Light


Lupine in the Afternoon

Blue Bell profile

Name has left my head - be back soon

Close up Purple Iris

Lilacs from our yard 1

Purple Lupine




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Grand Slam

I’ve been sporadic of late – not feeling the very best, which makes writing and such difficult to concentrate on.  Before I get into the post I had planned, I want to list my 3 Beautiful things.  Sariah started doing this every Wednesday and I really like her idea, so I am joining her in finding three beautiful things.

1. After weeks and weeks of rain and gloomy days the skies are blue and the sun is shining.

2. A friend who knew I haven’t been feeling well brought me a case of ginger ale last night – it was truly a beautiful thing

3. Some one left some very beautiful flowers on my doorstep on May Day

Ok, those are my beautiful things, and now on with the post.  I promised photos of Elizabeth once she started softball, and I am finally getting around to it.  She has had a number of games now and is really enjoying herself.  One thing I love about her that she can have fun and remain positive even when she strikes out.

Elizabeth is up to bat

At Bat

It’s a hit!

It's a hit!

Running Home

Coming Home

Playing the Outfield

Playing the Outfield

One thing I really like is they give all the kids the oportunity to try at everything. So here is Elizabeth taking a turn at being the catcher.

Catcher 2


And last of all here is a pic of Elizabeth running to second base – I just love how we caught her “treading air”

Running to second


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