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Giving Scrooge a Kick in the Pants

Yesterday was a HORRIBLE day. The dog escaped (again) and I had to run all over the neighborhood – finally my neighbor trapped him in her backyard (thank you, thank you, thank you, neighbor), the kids were all little monsters (with the exception of Robert – he’s not old enough for monster status yet). We had temper tantrums, pee spots, poo spots, talking back, fighting, the disapearance of treats being saved for giving away and stockings, and more.

By the end I was the re-incarnation of Scrooge. Christmas be hanged, bah-humbug. I was ready to call the whole thing off, throw out the tree, lights and all, and smash the next radio that played a Christmas song. Consequently I had gone the entire day without even turning on the Christmas lights and my one attempt at listening to Christmas music only seemed to enhance how horrible everyone was acting (me included) and I wanted to hurl, so I promptly turned it off again. It had never felt so non-Christmassy, ever, EVER.

Well, we were planning on either going to the Zoo to see the lights (our pass gets us in to see the lights free – yay!) or doing more caroling, but by the time Paul came home all I wanted to do was go to bed. But, despite the rotten day and my rotten attitude we managed to pull together and stumble out the door to head out to the Zoo. It was late and we knew we wouldn’t have much time, but we knew, for whatever reason we needed to go.

Dot suggested we turn off the radio and sing our own Christmas songs and that maybe it would help bring the Spirit of Christmas back. I kinda mumbled at first, but pretty soon the car was full of singing as we bounced along to the zoo.

From the parking lot to the entrance you cross over the road on a bridge beneath a canopy of lights, with the excitement of the children catching on I found my horrible rotten day melting away. For whatever reason, we needed that family moment and we had a lot of fun.

Our favorite was the light display timed to flash along with the music. The kids were fascinated by it. Rosey cheeked from the cold, we were swept along by the lights and joy as we reveled once again in the magic of Christmas and the feeling of family. We even stopped in on the elephants and in the building that housed the birds – which were AMAZING! I was most intrigued with the ginormous bats – they were HUGE! And some of the birds were so colorful – brilliant amazing colors, purple, yellow, orange, blue, green – so many colors!

Too soon we found out the zoo was closing and we made our way toward the entrance. It was 9:30 and the kids were tired, Jacob especially was beginning to wane. Finally he plunked on the edge of a bench. “I’m too tired,” he said looking at me.

I looked to the side where the girls were running ahead and saw a lane brilliantly lit with red and white lights. A sign to the side read, “Candy Cane Lane.”

“Don’t you want to go down Candy Cane Lane?” I asked in hopes of distracting him and aiming him back toward the entrance so we could get back to the car and head home without too much of a fight.

He hopped onto his feet and began patting his legs. “Wake up! Wake up! Please, wake up!” Then he dart off to Candy Cane lane, leaving me chuckling behind him.

When we got home, Paul tucked the kids into bed while I promptly turned on the Christmas lights and filled the home with Christmas music. The horrible day didn’t seem so horrible anymore, and I was thankful for family who can come out shining even at the end of rough day. I sure do love them.


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One of my favorite memories from my childhood is of sledding down the hill in our own backyard. We even built ramps to fly off of and would layer sleeping bags in the bottom of our sleds for cushion when we landed. Sledding and playing long into the day, building snow forts and having snowball fights. And of course our memorable 8-10 foot snowman – dad had to climb on a ladder in order to finish him off. He leaned like the Tower of Pisa until he was almost at a 90 degree angle to the ground before he finally fell over. The lone while pillar of snow after all the rest had melted away.

Living in Oregon I have been a little wistful the past few years, wishing the same for my children. We have had our snowing spurts, but the only hill available for easy access was our driveway which offered very little.

Well, now, we have the COOLEST backyard and nothing gives me more joy than watching my kids go speeding down the hill on sleds, squealing and laughing all the way. They say it’s not typically this snowy in Cincinnati in December, but I am SO glad for it. Now, If I can get just baby fed and asleep, maybe I can do a little sledding to! 😀

Our first snow, we just had the tobogan…

Sledding 1

Sledding 1a

Then I got smart and picked up a couple extra sleds at the local Target, figuring they’d come in handy hopefully sooner rather than later.  And they did! Today has been an absolute blast!

Sledding 2

Sledding 2a

Let it snow!!!


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Hmmmm… That didn’t work so well either

I think the spoon gods are against me or something!  This time I was trying to reheat the mess to clean out my pot since we have a slight aversion to peanut brittle coated in plastic.


I don’t know, maybe I should have taken it as a warning of things to come this morning when Murdoch (our very large dog) trapped himself under the stairs in the basement behind the washer and dryer – TWICE! With in the space of 3 minutes I might add. Getting him out involved moving the dryer all the way out, man I love that dog. In all honesty though, it’s kinda funny…   Makes me wonder what else will happen today.


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If They Say It’s Heat Resistant…




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J’s Post (At first) Now it is MINE, ALL MINE

Wow, it took a bit longer for my NaNoWriMo (November is National Novel Writing Month) comma to wear off. Which is rather funny, because I didn’t even complete the 50k words. I did however complete my book that I had started last year! Yay me! And, I started a new one. But, I also discovered that trying to a lot of writing, such as 50k in one month, is very difficult with a newborn on hand, and when that newborn is the last of six, well, it becomes nigh impossible – especially at the busiest time of the year. I honestly think the powers that be who put NaNoWriMo in November were a bit addled in the head considering it’s in the middle of the busiest holiday season ever, but then, most of us authors are a little crazy anyway. 😀

So, November was filled with writing, sick Robert, Thanksgiving, and awesome zoo trip, family photos, chopping down the Christmas tree and decorating. Plus all the other folderol that comes with big families.

bah humbug

Muhahahaha, I have taken over her computer and her writing. Now you have to deal with me.

“No more mister nice guy” – I want my wife back!!!


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