Hola!! 3/18/20

Hello!!!! This week was very interesting for those of you who are worried about the Coronavirus, everything is ok here! They had us buy food storage so that if we are put in quarantine we will have the food that we need to make it through. This week we  had so much fun!! On sunday our Zone leaders came to our area to help us with our area! It was so much fun! We were knocking doors and it was actually a lot of fun!! We had a race to see what house would respond frist. We also put a baptismal date with our investtigator named Diana!! We are really ex ited and we are doing all that we can to help her to prepare. This week there has not been to much happening. Elder Valenzuela came to our mission and it was so cool and we were able to recieve a lot of revelation! My time is short so I promise that I will write more next week!

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