Hello Hello Hello 3/10/20

Hey all!!! This week has been amazing!!!! We have been talking to a lot of people and we have had some interesting experiences. Yesterday we were not allowed to leave the house because it was national womens day and yesterday mexico was crazy!! So we were stuck in the house ALL day, watching movies, playing uno, and eating oreos with nutella!! Talk about interesting! I also made curry!!! I was missing my family and my moms cooking a lot so I planned on making one of my favorite foods from my house but I could not find the spice that I need to make it so I decided to make curry instead!!!! Ir was so much fun and it tasted so good!!! I was so happy to east something that smelled and tasted like moms cooking! Today we went to a mini pyramid and I was able to wright today because I was not able to yesterday!  We have not had many lessons this week a lot of people canceled but the few lessons that we were able to have were so powerful!!! I have learned more sign language to help our investigator who is mute and deaf. I love you guys so much and I hope that you are all doing well!!!

Hermana Wagner

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