Lot’s of Work! 3/2/20

This week was amazing!!!!!! We had an area attack  and during this attack we were able to find 13 new people to teach and 3 of them were families who are really really interested in learning about the church! During the entire week we found around 18 people to teach! We are super excited to  teach these people! It was such a miracle and a blessing for us this week because we had plans to baptism dates with a few people but they have not gone to church ad we have been trying to get them to come for a while. So we are really excited to teach them and see where it will lead us.

My companions birthday is on friday and I am planing something special for her with a sister in my ward! Two familys are going to work together to by her a cake and we are going to go to their house at 7:30 and when we enter they are going to turn on the light and they will be on a video call with my companions mom and we will sing her happy birthday! I am really excited for her because she really misses her family and this will help her a lot! I love my companion so much! She is amazing!!!!
The person who is renting our apartment to us, is a member of the church and his family is so sweet. For almost 3 weeks we did not have a refrigerator so our mission was looking for a fridge for us! So the brother was nice enough to put our box of food in his fridge for us. So every night and morning he would call us and ask us if we would like him to bring us our box of food. Every Morning when he brought us our food he would also bring us a bowl of fruit, yogurt, and granola for each one of us. This family is so sweet they always bring us food in the morning and occasionally in the evening as well. The good news is that we now have a fridge!! BUt when we got our fridge he stopped bringing us fruit in the morning, and my companion and I were like, well it was nice while it lasted, because as a missionary we don’t have a lot of money so fresh fruit is really expensive. Well we were leaving one day and the brother started talking to us and told us that he was sorry that they had not been bringing us fruit. They stopped bringing fruit because they did not have any, but that when he went to the store on tuesday that they would start giving us fuit again!! We are so grateful for this family and for all the love that they show us.
On thursday we had an area attack in another area and right after we had a broadcast that we were watching as a zone. So my companion and I and 4 other sister all spent the night in the same house with our mission presidents permission because we would have gotten to our houses by 9:30 or 10. It was lots of fun and we all decided to take a photo. The next morning one of the sister decided that they want to dutch braid my hair! I explained that my hair was to short and that it was in layers so it probably would not work. The sister decided to do it anyways and it turned out so cute and I loved it so much!!!
 Today we went to the mall because in the mall there is a Walmart and it is the cheapest place to buy food. We went with ceci, she is a member of the church and she always comes with us to our lessons! She is absolutley amazing!! Love you all lots!!!!!
 1.) sleep over!!
2 & 3.) My dutch braided hair
4.)We found some really cute stuffed animals so we decided to take a photo with them and use them as our faces!
5,6 & 7.) We went to the mall today and took photos with Ceci!!
8.) Ceci turned my companion and I into a meme (If you don’t understand the meme, ask someone who speaks spanish to help )
1.) I got stuck between a wall and a pole

2.) We found our triplet!
3 & 4.) My companion and I
5 & 6.) Ice cream that is not actually ice cream because it does not have milk or sugar and it is healthy. It tasted awful
7.) A sister in our ward with her niece

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