Hello!!!! 2/24/20

Hey all! I am doing amazing! I absolutely love my companion!!! WE are literally always laughing and always smiling. We have seen so many miracles during these past 2 weeks! durin the past 2 weeks we have found 17 new people to teach and we are hoping to  visit them this week! We are really excited to teach these people!

area like I commented last week is pretty big but my companion told me the wrong number of hours that it takes to walk from one part of our area to the other. It takes 2 or 3 hours. Also depends on how fast you walk! I am loving the people here and I love the area. We have a little bit of the city and a little bit of small town. It is so pretty and there are A LOT of people to talk to.
We have had  a lot of really good opportunities to be able to bless the lives of those around us! We are planning an activity for friday when all of the misisonarys in our stake will be in our area and they will be helping us to find more people to teach. I am still loving mexico!!! The food is amazing and the people are so much fun!!! I am doing really good with my spanish and i am so happy because it is so much easier to teach the people and they can actually understand me!!!
So as far as wierd or fun things this week. My companion and I played chubby bunny! It was really interesting! Neddless to say my companion beat me by one because my mouth was swollen because I have a tooth that is growing in and it hurts pretty bad. But it was so much fun! We plan on doing it again when my moth stopps swelling. My companion won with 11 and I with 10.  I found the cutest bunny pen ever! I love it so much!!!! Also my mission president has invited us to lend 2 Books of Mormon everyday. He also wants us to start marking the Books of Mormon that we will be lending. He wants us to mark them with scriptures that have helped us or with answers to questions that people usually have. So we put a sticky note with the questions that people have and write done the page number and where they can find the answer. He also told us that we should always have a Book of Mormon in our hand. I am so grateful for this invitation because it saved my leg and the leg of another sister! On thursday we had an activity in one of the areas of the elders. All of the misisonarys in the stake were there and we helped them to contact people and to find more people to teach. Well I was paired with another sister named Sister Peterson and while we were walking, we passed a medium sized dog. This dog seemed to be really upset because it started to chase jus and was trying to bite our legs. It almost bit the leg of Sister Peterson and the only thing that I had in my hand to protect ourselves was our Book of Mormon. So I did the first thing that I could think of…… I took my Book of Mormon and hit the dog with it! It did not want to leave so I hit it again and it finally left and went to bother a poor soul who did not have a Book of Mormon to protect herself. The Book of Mormon has a lot of power in more ways than one
I love you all so much and I hope that you are all doing well!! Remember that Heavenly Father loves you and he is always listening to your prayers. My invitation for you today id to read Alma 40! I love this chapter so much because it talks about if there is life after death and it has helped me to answer a lot of my questions in the past. I testify that Jesus is the Christ and that he loves every single one of you!
Hermana Wagner

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