Hermana Wagner’s Mission Updates

Our daughter, Dorothy, has chosen to serve an 18 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! She has been called to serve in the Mexico Mexico City South mission. This is where I will post links to letters & photos from Hermana Wagner.

Farewell, Hermana Wagner!

Hello from the MTC!!!

First Picture of Hermana Wagner in the MTC!!

Picture of Hermana Wagner

Email, Video & Photos of Hermana Wagner in the CCM (MTC)

When is Rains it Pours

My Not So Creative Title

Be Baptized!!

A Few Extra pictures of Hermana Wagner

Fuego Trabajo!!

Day 1 in the field!

Letter from Hermana Wagner 7/22

My Titles Are Not very Creative

Chubby Bunny!!!

Tender Mercies

An Act of Service

Aug 26, 2019


I’m Not Dead Yet!!! It’s Only a Flesh Wound!!!

Rain Rain Go Away!!! 9/16/19


My Very Ugly Twin 10/7/19

A La Goma La Felicidad Yo Quiero Una Sprite 10/14/19

Hi! 10/21/19




Work!! 11/18/19




Hellooooooooooooooooo 12/16/19

Merry Christmas 12/27/19

Happ New Year!!! 1/1/20

Hey All!!! 1/6/20

Hola Hola! 1/13/20

Hola! 1/20/20

Hey All!!!! 1/27/20

Espiritu de los mundos 2/3/20

Hello! 2/10/20

Helloooooooo 2/17/20

Hello 2/24/20

Lot’s of Work 3/2/20

Hello Hello Hello 3/10/20

Hola 3/18/20

Let it Go! Let it Go! 3/23/20