A Lesson From Life

Yesterday and today we did some major gleaning of toys and junk and clutter. It was something I’d been meaning to do for a while, but there was always other stuff that needed doing and we (my husband and I) never got past talking about it. Then, yesterday I I was looking around at some of the cluttery bits and decided it was time to do something, so we dived in and got it done.

Today, as I sat back feeling quite accomplished with everything we got done, I got to thinking about life and spirituality. Sometimes we allow a lot of clutter to build up in our lives. Emotional clutter, spiritual clutter. Maybe there’s mistakes we’ve made that we’ve never taken care of, or apologies we never got around to making, or we’re carrying a bit of a grudge around. Maybe we’ve let our prayers & scripture study fall by the way side and voices of the world are filling the corners of our lives with clutter.

Just like it’s important to take a step back and clean out the physical clutter in our lives, it’s important to pause a moment on a regular basis and assess the spiritual and emotional clutter we’re allowing to accumulate and do what we can to clear it out. We can’t necessarily tackle it all at once, but we can clean a little here & tidy a little there to slowly work some of that clutter out of our lives. And, just like I felt happy & accomplished at eliminating the physical clutter, we will feel eternal joy & spiritual refreshment as we clear out the spiritual clutter and refocus our selves on our Savior Jesus Christ.

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  1. Perpetual Chocoholic

    Great Post. I have to stop others from adding to my clutter. Physical and emotional. It’s not always easy.

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