Books I’m Writing

I enjoy writing, so here I’ll give you an idea of what I’ve worked on and what I’m currently working on. I’m not published. Yet. I may never be published, and that’s okay. I love to write, I’ll never stop. I’ll never stop querying either, because, well, I want to at least be brave enough to try, and you never know if someone might just say “Yes”.  So, without further adieu, here is my book list….

Belinda and the Beastly Neighbor

(my first ever book)

The biggest worry of ten-year-old Belinda Parker is her latest doomed invention and how far she can spit a cricket. That is, until the cricket winds up stuck in the new neighbor’s white tights and leads to a feud including a dyed poodle and tea parties with live animals.

A middle grade general fiction book, it started as a series of short scenes loosely based on the crazy stuff we did growing up on the farm.  Currently it’s a fun comedic book about friendship, but it will probably be undergoing some major overhauls, because I think Belinda has detective potential, and I think the world needs a middle grade detective series.  And I think it would be fun to write and Belinda would be quite the spunky little detective. Since I am planning to rework it, I have put the querying on hold for this one.

The Heart of the Castle

Coiled within the brooding elegance of Duke Conomor’s chateau lies a locked room with a secret that haunts the headstrong Gladys Hanaford. Though curiosity burns when she is forced to wear the key about her neck, she must never open the door, for if she does, she will lose the lives of all those she loves, or at the very least her own.

A Young Adult  fantasy, The Heart of the Castle is loosely based off of the fairytale  “Blue Beard” and I’m currently querying this one. I have a nice, healthy stack of rejections and it’s building well. Along with those rejections though, I’ve had a few partial and complete manuscript requests, which was pretty nifty.  It also made it a ways in the Amazon Novel Contest, but I missed the part about no name (oops) and it was axed. But I was thrilled it even made the first cut or two!

Danse Macabre

(working title – probably won’t keep it, because I don’t know that I like it much)

I don’t have a blurb.  I’m editing the rough draft still. It’s a Young Adult fantasy loosely based on the story “Red Shoes” by Hans Christian Anderson.

Work in Progress

No idea what I’m going to call this one yet. It’s my most recent NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) project. The book isn’t done, and I might end up just rewriting the thing from scratch.  It’s another YA book, a ghost story of sorts. On the Oregon Coast there’s a little lighthouse with a neat ghost story attached, I decided it would make an intriguing story.


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  1. HOW DO YOU ALL READY HAVE NAMES FOR YOUR BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????

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