Books I’m Writing

I enjoy writing, so here I’ll give you an idea of what I’ve worked on and what I’m currently working on. I’m not published. Yet. I may never be published, and that’s okay. I love to write, I’ll never stop. I’ll never stop querying either, because, well, I want to at least be brave enough to try, and you never know if someone might just say “Yes”.  So, without further adieu, here is my book list….

Belinda and the Beastly Neighbor

(my first ever book)

A middle grade general fiction book, it started as a series of short scenes loosely based on the crazy stuff we did growing up on the farm.  Currently it’s a fun comedic book about friendship, but it will  be undergoing some major overhauls, because I think Belinda has detective potential, and I think the world needs a middle grade detective series.  And I think it would be fun to write and Belinda would be quite the spunky little detective. Once I have some of my current projects wrangled into submission, I will tackle this one again.

The Forbidden Door

Coiled within the brooding elegance of Duke Conomor’s chateau lies a locked room with a deadly secret that haunts the tenacious Gladys Hanaford. In the same vein as Shannon Hale’s Goose Girl combined with the gothic feel of Jane Eyre, THE FORBIDDEN DOOR is a young adult novel that breathes new life into Charles Perrault’s dark tale, Bluebeard.

I’m currently querying this one. I have a nice, healthy stack of rejections and it’s building well. Along with those rejections though, I’ve had a few partial and complete manuscript requests, which was pretty nifty.

Crimson Curse

(working title – I don’t know that I like it much)

Collette deVanier never dreamed dancing could bring her anything but joy, but each time she laces the crimson slippers they dance her one step closer to death. THE CRIMSON CURSE is a young adult novel that weaves Hans Christian Anderson’s Red Shoes into a tale of deceit, betrayal and sacrifice.

I am currently editing this one – hoping to have it polished in the next few months.

Toenails & Teardrops

I just finished the first draft a month or so ago. Hardest book I ever wrote. It is a middle grade fiction novel that is inspired by the loss of our Lizy. I hope it will be heartwarming, though sad, & teach children that even in the dark times when everything is falling apart, that it’s okay to find & have joy.  I will probably begin edits in January.


This will by my NaNoWriMo this year – it will be a YA fantasy featuring Anna (Gladys’ sister from The Forbidden Door) as a main character

Other WIPS (works in progress)

that I may or may not develop all the way:

Don’t Dream of Genie – a comical story about a Genie who wants to be human and a man who just wants to marry his fiance – without Genie interference.

A ghost story involving a haunted lighthouse- no title – I NaNoWriMoed this some years ago and it kind of fell apart. I still like the idea behind it – but I want to finish other projects before I come back to this one – it feels a bit of a mess and I’d probably would be better off scrapping it and starting fresh if I want to keep the idea going

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  1. HOW DO YOU ALL READY HAVE NAMES FOR YOUR BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????

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