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Please Join us in a Christmas Tradition of Love & Service

I meant to post this on the 1st of December, but December has just up and run away with me! It’s time to fill Lizy’s stocking with service! It’s hard to believe this tradition started six years ago – it’s hard to believe she’s been gone that long. It seems like yesterday that we stood in front of the hearth wondering what to do with her stocking – we couldn’t bear not to hang it, but seeing it empty come Christmas sounded so heartbreaking. How glad I am that the idea came to fill hang her stocking with service. Instead of sorrow we have been filled with joy as we have read the wonderful things that not only our family, but so many wonderful friends and extended family have done to bring joy and love to others. Once again, we invite you all to send us acts of service that you have done that we can add to Lizy’s stocking. Thank you for not only loving and serving our family, but each other. Merry Christmas!! ❤DSC_0337

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