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Billy Goats Gruff

Once there were three little kids walking along a beautiful trail. They happened upon an old bridge and needed to cross it to the field of tiny daisies.
Trip-trip, trip-trip, trip-trip, skipped the first. She reached the middle when a booming voice echoed, “Whose that tripping over my bridge!”

She stopped, her eyes wide and looked back at daddy, and then she giggled.

“I’m going to come and gobble you up!” hollered the voice as the skipping turned into fleeing footsteps almost drowned out in squeals.

Then came the second. She came along with a STOMP, STOMP, STOMP. And when she reached the middle the booming voice echoed, “Whose that stomping over my bridge!”

She stopped and then rapidly stomped her feet even harder shaking dirt from the bridge making the voice cough, “I’m going to come and gobble *cough* you up!”

“Oh, no you won’t, I’ll gobble you up!” she replied.

“Not if I gobble you first!” and with an evil laugh a hand shot up and snatched at her ankle sending her shrieking for safety.

Finally the third walked onto the bridge with a steady clomp, clomp, clomp. She knew what was coming.

“Whose that clomping over my bridge?”

“Is that you mom?”

“No, it’s a mean old troll and I’m coming up to gobble you up!”


“I’m not?”


As her footsteps disappear and I begin to dislodge myself a ferocious whomping of feet sound upon my bridge.

“Oh,my,” says the troll, somewhat surprised. “Who is that whomping on my bridge!”

“It is I, the daddy billy goat, and I eat trolls!”

So, down the trail I was chased by my hubby billy goat and his kids 3.


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