We’re on a Streak!

We haven’t darkened the door to our Pediatrician’s office in 2 whole months! Wow! And in the middle of winter at that. And, the reason we were at our doctor today was for James’ WELL child check-up. Woot!

Well, our streak won’t last long, how can it with 5 kids? March will start a whole new ball-game. We get to take Dorothy in for some minor testing for some things that I won’t mention here (so as not to embarrass her) – just know it is nothing life threatening. But it will require a trip to our ped and possibly a nearby hospital to check things out. *Warning Tangent Ahead* Interesting though how things work out, I was talking to Dot about the upcoming Doctor visit and an incident came up that she hadn’t mentioned (I think she forgot) about something a little girl asked her to do at school a while ago. She informed me that she said “No.” (good girl) which made me extremely proud of her, and I notified the school of the little incident, to hopefully nip it in the bud. Anyway,I mentioned because I think some things happen for a reason so that we can find out about other things, and that being said I am rambling and most likely, none of that made any sense whatsoever. Now, back to topic…

And then there is Jacob’s Well-child check up in March too.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, in fact the reason I was writing this post was that it was so nice to talk about visiting the pediatrician over well children for a change rather than sick ones. 😀

James, 2 months today, is now a whopping 13 pounds. He is smiling like a true champion, beginning to coo and make other adorable baby sound, and loves watching people around him – especially his sibblings. Oh, and he is sleeping through the night too (I am so spoiled, I know). He got three stabs in the leg and spent the rest of the day crying if I set him down for longer than 5 minutes – though I can’t blame the poor kid, shots are no fun.



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2 responses to “We’re on a Streak!

  1. Karen

    Well, you know, you just have to be thankful about those opportunities that come up to find out what’s going on in your childrens’ lives. It’s amazing what will come out out of the blue. (Nowadays I am more likely to find things out when the teacher tells me. But no one ever said parenting was supposed to be easy, and thankfully the things I find out are never anything that I would consider truly *serious* — but nevertheless they are things that could benefit from some attention.)

    Enjoy these years. Someday you will have 5 adolescents in the house.

  2. Pamala

    Congradulations! It’s been a long time since your family was so healthy in the winter.

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