Par-ty, Par-ty, Par-tee!

When Elizabeth and Dorothy were little we began a tradition. They are only a year apart and we decided that trying to plan a big party every year for both of them was going to be way to much, so we decided that even years, starting at 4, were friend parties. The odd years are family parties and birthday trips.

So, yesterday I murdered another cake – I had to throw the first one away and start fresh, baking a whole new cake. Even then it didn’t go right and I had to prop it up in the back and only decorate the front. My theory on this, because in the past I have done much harder cakes with few or no problems, is that making crazy cakes with a new baby is HARD – can’t create and hold baby at the same time…. Anyway, here is a photo of the ‘good’ side of the cake. Elizabteh wanted a purse cake, all pink and girly.

Purse Cake

We had fun playing some cool little partying games, and then the best part for Lizard came.

What can it be?

Finally we had the blowing of the candles – boy that is a lot of candles! I don’t think I will let her grow up anymore, the candles alone might burn down the house. 😉

Dainty Blow

Birthday Bite

Things got pretty funny during cake eating. Earlier at dinner Jacob had his face in his plate licking up ketchup or whatever was on there. Paul, very nonchalantly, reached over and gently pushed his face entirely into the plate. The result was an adorable squeal from Jacob, red nose and forhead and mauch laughter. Dad decided that the birthday girl needed the same loving caring treatment.

Squish - Lizard meets the cake face up

Cake Face!

What a hoot! And here is Jacob once again, daring to lick his plate, or the food on his plate as the case may be. He frequently has dillusions of being a dog, which is adorably hillarious.

Jacob eats doggy style

We are all excited for Elizabeth’s birthday trip on Saturday. Rain or shine we are headed to the coast – specifically to Tillamook Cheese Factory. Mmmmmmmm 🙂


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4 responses to “Par-ty, Par-ty, Par-tee!

  1. Philosophical Karen

    What a gorgeous cake. I could do with a cake like that for my next birthday. Oh wait, then we really WOULD burn the house down with all the candles. Better not. 😉

  2. OOH, the Tillamook Cheese Factory!! Last summer we drove to Canada from California. On the way back we hit the factory 15 minutes before they closed. That was the fastest tour we ever did! LOL. And since they were going to throw out those lovely samples, we ate a crapload before we left. YUM! I want to go back!

  3. Pamala

    Happy Birthday Elizabeth! Your cake looks like a lot of fun! I hope you have a fun time on Saturday.
    love, P & P and girls

  4. That cake is beautiful! Happy Birthday Elizabeth! I hope it was the best one yet 🙂

    You should be super impressed with yourself. I only have the two kids – no baby, and lemme tell you, I can hardly boil water (though I can order take out like nobody’s business).

    You are the mom I always wanted to be…want to come over? LOL!

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